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Earl Langham Jr


Earl Langham Jr was born Nov. 22, 1973 in Moss Point, Mississippi, which is a small town on the Pascagoula Coast. He was a quiet young man that was always observing things around him. It wasn't until he moved to Austin, Texas, where he started discovering his talents. Earl became inspired in the music scene in Texas, and went on to learn how to record and make music. He is now one of the top producers in Austin, and is still making music as of today. Earl knew music wasn't his only talent. He discovered he had an eye for capturing beauty. After some research, he went out and purchased a camera, and began learning and studying lighting and angles. Earl knew that just picking up a camera and taking photographs doesn't make you a photographer. He knew he wanted to perfect every skill that God has blessed him with. He began to fine tune the art of taking and editing photographs. As of today, Earl continues to perfect his craft, and strives to be one of the best photographers in Austin. What's next for Earl? The sky seems to be the limit, as he continues to pursue his passions. When he was asked how he balances his talents, life and work, he stated, "Nothing in life comes easy. You have to keep striving after your dreams and goals, never give up, and let God guide you in the right direction".